Instant Updates

Our AI/ML algorithm constantly maps threats throughout our network and open source websites and instantly updates all ESTIA devices.

24/7 Security

Your ESTIA device will run 24/7 effectively protecting your network, even when you are not at home.


We believe that cyber security should be accessible to everyone, especially to those that do not have vast resources.

Our Services

We provide security for your network.

Advance Monitoring

ESTIA provides advanced monitoring of your network. It allows you to see in real time all the connected devices and gives you an overview of the bandwidth they consume. On top of it, ESTIA provides a powerful parental control mode.

Holistic approach

In the era of smart everything a simple antivirus cannot protect you anymore. It is important to have a device that protects the smart home environment, and that is just one of the functions of ESTIA.

Parental Control

When we designed ESTIA we had also home users in mind. We provide you with a set of parental control tools which, among other, block inappropriate content, gives your overview of the bandwidth usage your child has and allows you to disconnect a single device from the internet, without having to unplug the router.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are incorporated in the core of ESTIA. Our cloud-based algorithm learns from every attack against any ESTIA device and then updates them with that new knowledge, ensuring maximum level of security in real time.


Our prices will be announced soon, together with our public launch. Stay tuned for more